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Final Fantasy 9 Dagger Can't Concentrate On Homework

Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough - Caves of Narshe.

Ultimately you’ll want to go upstairs where Dagger went. However, you can also clear out the castle and fight an optional boss in the left library. To get the optional boss go into the left library and examine the bottom bookshelf. When you hear a voice, answer it with a challenge.

Final Fantasy 9 Dagger Can't Concentrate On Homework

Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough: Returning to Alexandria.

Open the chest near Zidane for an Ore and the one near Dagger for a Phoenix Pinion, then grab the pot and take it to the kitchen. Go in front of the table facing the waterfall and look for a field.

Final Fantasy 9 Dagger Can't Concentrate On Homework

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Note that this is the third time you visit Alexandria during a playthrough of Final Fantasy IX on Disc 3. If this is your first or second visit to Alexandria or Alexandria Castle check out the Disc 1 or Disc 2 main page to find the proper page. Steiner, Princess Garnet, Doctor Tot and Beatrix all return to Alexandria Castle to start things off on Disc 3. Their discussion centers around the.


Tantarian is an optional boss in Final Fantasy IX.It can be found in Alexandria Castle's library, but there are only two chances to fight it: during the time the party is rescuing Garnet who is being held in the castle basement, and later when the party arrives to save Garnet and Eiko during the Battle of Alexandria.If the player misses out on these two opportunities, Tantarian cannot be.

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Focus entirely on remaining defensive until Dagger shows up. Once Dagger arrives, have her cast Float on both herself and Zidane to prevent Earth Shake from doing any damage. Have her focus on healing both herself and Zidane while Zidane attacks Shell Dragon with regard physical attacks until it is defeated.

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This is the platinum trophy for the PS4 version of the game and it is definitely one of the more challenging ones for Final Fantasy games. The reason for this is because of all the potential missables in the game, with some of them being pretty far into the game. The biggest culprit of this is Movie Critic, requiring you to view Active Time Events throughout the playthrough, most of which are.


Final Fantasy IX HD Walkthrough Part 16 - Burmecia. South Gate. When you arrive at the entrance to South Gate (Steiner is holding a huge bag), search the lower left corner for a chest containing.

At the beginning of Disc 4, go to Madain Sari with Dagger in your party. On Eiko's back porch, speak with Lani, who will run away. Leave the town and form a party without Dagger or Amarant in it, and return to Eiko's back porch. Speak to Lani twice. Read the message, and then go to the Eidolon Wall. Walk to the right (clockwise) from the entrance around the wall until you hear a small sound.


Dagger uses the knife to cut off the length of her hair. She lets it drop, as it drifts away into the water and the sky. She looks upon the reconstruction of the castle, then to Zidane. Zidane nods and smiles. She nods and smiles as well. The FMV changes to the Hilda Garde 3 in Lindblum, engine powering up and propellors spinning, as it exits the Falcon's Gate and flies high into the sky).

Final Fantasy 9 Dagger Can't Concentrate On Homework

Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough - Final Fantasy IX Forum.

A Final Fantasy website created as a haven for those seeking an online home of intelligent discussions and encouragement.. During Disk 4 you can discover Dagger's real name and her mom's name as well. To do so put Dagger in your party and go to Madain Sari. Go to Eiko's back porch and you'll see Lani but she runs away. Now leave Madain Sari and form a party with anybody EXCEPT Dagger and.

Final Fantasy 9 Dagger Can't Concentrate On Homework

Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough: Pandemonium -

Though Final Fantasy 9's story only takes place over a period of roughly 3 months, the entire story of Gaia spans several centuries. As a result, many of the events in the story are based off of past events, events that have already happened and could very well happen again. With help from our fine message board members, we have compiled a rough timeline of the entire story. Timeline of Gaia.

Final Fantasy 9 Dagger Can't Concentrate On Homework

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Final Fantasy IX is a 2000 role-playing video game developed and published by Squaresoft for the PlayStation video game console. It is the ninth game in the main Final Fantasy series. The plot centers on the consequences of a war between nations in a medieval fantasy world called Gaia.

Final Fantasy 9 Dagger Can't Concentrate On Homework

Burmecia - Final Fantasy IX Wiki Guide - IGN.

In Final Fantasy IX Blue magic is learned by defeating enemies with the Eat or Cook commands used by the character Quina. Quina. Quina Quen is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX, who is a Blue Mage with the ability to cast Blue Magic obtained from consuming specific enemies. Unlike other Final Fantasy characters Quina does not learn new Blue Magic skills by being hit by an attack.

Final Fantasy 9 Dagger Can't Concentrate On Homework

Final Fantasy IX - Dagger's Real Name.

Best party members to use in Final Fantasy ix disc 3 onwards? Close. 7. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Best party members to use in Final Fantasy ix disc 3 onwards? I have just got to the start of the third disc where i can actually pick my party and was wondering who i should level up and use from now until the end of the game. At the moment i have Zidane for the boss steals Stiener Eiko.

Final Fantasy 9 Dagger Can't Concentrate On Homework

Who is your favorite character of this game (or favorites.

The game, naturally, created a huge rift between the people who thought it was a good tribute to the old classical SNES-era games with its lighter tone, idealistic themes, and colorful world, and those who thought Final Fantasy should aim for mature audiences and saw IX as a big step backwards.

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