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How to write a discussion essay.

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Discussion In Essay Writing

How to Write a Discussion Essay: An Extensive Writing Guide.

Discussion Essay, how to write it. Step 1. Select the appropriate topic for the essay. The topic needs to be one that interests you. You are expected to discuss all the sides of the. Step 2. The outline of the discussion essay should be made using a pen and paper. The primary goal at this point.

Discussion In Essay Writing

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Sample discussion essay Discuss the best way for a supermarket or a store to become successful and to expand its business, and make a large profit. You may refer to examples of a supermarket or a store known to you. by Miao Wang (Vanessa).

Discussion In Essay Writing

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A discussion essay presents and discusses issues surrounding a particular topic--usually one that is debatable and open to argument. A good discussion essay must include a thorough discussion of both sides of the topic. It should provide a well-rounded understanding of the issues before the writer presents his personal opinions and conclusions.


Discussion essays are a common form of academic writing. This page gives information on what a discussion essay is and how to structure this type of essay. Some vocabulary for discussion essays is also given, and there is an example discussion essay on the topic of studying overseas. What are discussion essays?

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An argumentative essay also known as a discussion presents both sides of the argument on a specific topic so as the audience can form their own opinion. The first task in writing a good argumentative essay is finding a suitable topic that has strong and valid opinions for both sides of the argument.

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Writing a discussion essay you should pick a debatable topic that would be interesting for most of the people (or at least to your professor). Follow a few simple rules when choosing a topic: it should be debatable and without exact answers, it should be interesting for you and your readers, it should not be too complicated for investigation.

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In writing task 2 you will be asked to write a discursive essay (250 words minimum). You will be given a question asking you to give your opinion, discuss a problem or issue. You could also be asked to provide solutions, evaluate a problem, compare and contrast different ideas or challenge an idea.


Write about the following topic: It is often claimed that wealthy nations should provide financial support to poorer countries for welfare, health, and education. However, there are those who believe that it is the responsibility of developing nations to provide these services. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Set them the challenge of writing their own discussion piece on a topic using all the techniques outlined by Leah. You could also use the detailed explanation of writing in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Discussion Essay Questions Some people think that environmental problems should be solved on a global scale while others believe it is better to deal with them nationally. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. All parents want the best opportunities for their children.

Discussion In Essay Writing

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A discussion essay is a task that aims to test your ability to present and deliberate upon issues surrounding a certain debatable topic. You will be expected to present both sides of the discussion while still presenting your position on the same. Therefore, you have to ensure you have access to appropriate and up to date research material.

Discussion In Essay Writing

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See the IELTS Writing Task 2 Discussion Essay Sample that has been corrected and assessed by an IELTS examiner. You can also see and learn from the mistakes!

Discussion In Essay Writing

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Discussion In Essay Writing

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It is an informal type of essay writing as opposed to those of formal writing examples, such as in argumentative college application examples, in essay writing. Creative essays must have a topic. It may be about personal experiences or fictional beliefs.

Discussion In Essay Writing

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Essay Writing Samples for Every Subject. In this section you will find samples of essays belonging to various essay types and styles of formatting. When you surf our website for recommendations that could help you write your own essay, you will find many helpful tips. What they, however, cannot do is show you how exactly this or that type of.

Discussion In Essay Writing

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An essay question might expect you to take one of the following approaches. Make an argument by examining competing positions. This type of essay requires you to make a balanced and well-argued case for the strength of one position over another. Present an unbiased discussion.

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