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The Napierian logarithms were published first in 1614. Henry Briggs introduced common (base 10) logarithms, which were easier to use. Tables of logarithms were published in many forms over four centuries. The idea of logarithms was also used to construct the slide rule, which became ubiquitous in science and engineering until the 1970s.

History Of Logarithms Essay Typer

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The Scottish mathematician John Napier published his discovery of logarithms in 1614. His purpose was to assist in the multiplication of quantities that were then called sines. The whole sine was the value of the side of a right-angled triangle with a large hypotenuse. (Napier’s original hypotenuse was 10 7.).

History Of Logarithms Essay Typer

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To illustrate the inverse relationship between these two types of functions, we will look at the exponential function and its respective inverse logarithmic function with the natural log base e.

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Logarithms were invented independently by John Napier, a Scotsman, and by Joost Burgi, a Swiss. Napier's logarithms were published in 1614; Burgi's logarithms were published in 1620. The objective of both men was to simplify mathematical calculations. Napier's approach was algebraic and Burgi's approach was geometric.

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Computer - Computer - History of computing: A computer might be described with deceptive simplicity as “an apparatus that performs routine calculations automatically.” Such a definition would owe its deceptiveness to a naive and narrow view of calculation as a strictly mathematical process. In fact, calculation underlies many activities that are not normally thought of as mathematical.


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In 1616 and 1617, Briggs visited John Napier, the inventor of what are now called natural (base-e) logarithms at Edinburgh in order to suggest a change to Napier's logarithms. During these conferences, the alteration proposed by Briggs was agreed upon; and after his return from his second visit, he published the first chiliad of his logarithms.


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History Of Logarithms Essay Typer

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History Of Logarithms Essay Typer

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History Of Logarithms Essay Typer

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Logarithm definition is - the exponent that indicates the power to which a base number is raised to produce a given number. How to use logarithm in a sentence.

History Of Logarithms Essay Typer

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History Of Logarithms Essay Typer

Logarithms and Anti-Logarithms (Antilog): Tables.

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History Of Logarithms Essay Typer

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Babbage. Charles Babbage was Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University from 1828 to 1839 (a post formerly held by Isaac Newton). Babbage's proposed Difference Engine was a special-purpose digital computing machine for the automatic production of mathematical tables (such as logarithm tables, tide tables, and astronomical tables).

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