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Water Scarcity Essay

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Essay’s topic: Water scarcity is one of the key environmental issue of our time. Identify some major causes of water scarcity and describe two solutions. Water plays an important role in developing and maintaining healthy ecosystems. However, water scarcity is an increasing and widespread phenomenon in many countries in the world. Water scarcity refers to either the lack of enough water or.

Water Scarcity Essay

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UN-Water, FAO. 2007 Water Scarcity and the MD6s The way water scarcity issues are addressed impacts upon the successful achievement of most of the Millennium Development Goals. Water stress versus water scarcity Hydrologists typically assess scarcity by looking at the population-water equation. An area is experiencing water stress when annual water supplies drop below 1 700 m3 per person. When.

Water Scarcity Essay

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The issue of water scarcity in UAE has forced the government to rely on water desalination. The high intake of water by people for household and farming purposes is the main reason for the shortage. The fact that the people have a free water supply in UAE makes them waste the water without much concern. The amount of water wasted everyday is even higher in the farms as compared to the daily.


Water Scarcity essay sample. Haven't found the essay you need? We can write it for you. On time. 100% original. Order Now. Text Preview. Water Scarcity. Water scarcity is an essential problem of the whole planet since the welfare of human beings, flora and fauna depend on water resources. Water scarcity is the result of people’s activities and poor resource management in many countries. Thus.

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According to Wikipedia, “Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet the demands of water usage within a region. It already affects every continent and around 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every year. More than 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water.” Save. Causes of Water Scarcity. Overuse of Water: Water.

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The scarcity of fresh water in the country is often attributed to lack of proper planning at the government’s end, corruption, increased rate of corporate privatization and increasing amount of human and industrial waste that is discarded into water. The situation is expected to worsen in the times to come as the population of the country is likely to increase to 1.6 billion by 2050.

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Water Scarcity Essay. lives, we take showers, cook, clean, and drink with water. We may not think about it much, but water is very vital to life. Roughly about 70-71% of the planet is covered by water, but only about 2.5% of that water is fresh water. The global water crisis is a major problem in the world and we are not doing much to conserve the water we have. The world is in a high demand.


Clean freshwater is an essential ingredient for a healthy human life, but 1.1 billion people lack access to water and 2.7 billion experience water scarcity at least one month a year. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may be facing water shortages. When waters run dry, people can’t get enough to drink, wash, or feed crops, and economic decline may occur. In addition, inadequate.

In conclusion, water scarcity, is an issue that will greatly affect the amount of crops grown and will determine whether there is enough food to feed the world by 2050. Since the population is increasing, there will need to be a lot more work, research and money for there to be a sufficient food supply. This issue has been addressed and some work has already been done. For example, water.


Water scarcity is the lack of fresh water resources to meet the standard water demand.Water scarcity can also be caused by droughts, lack of rainfall, or pollution. This was listed in 2019 by the World Economic Forum as one of the largest global risks in terms of potential impact over the next decade. It is manifested by partial or no satisfaction of expressed demand, economic competition for.

Water Scarcity Essay

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Water Scarcity Essay Essay on Water Scarcity Water is the basic necessity of every human being, but water scarcity is a major issue that is rising very rapidly in India nowadays. The problem has become so severe that in many states the groundwater has almost dried up and people have to depend on water supply from other sources. In addition, water is one of the most misused natural resources.

Water Scarcity Essay

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Essay on Water Shortage in India. Water shortage is also known as Water Scarcity and it is a burning or the most popular issue in India. We all hear in daily news that the dry states i.e. Rajasthan, Gujarat and some other states are suffering from water shortage.

Water Scarcity Essay

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Water scarcity is a lack of drinkable water available in a given area. It mostly affects arid and deserted areas, and places where the water is too polluted to drink. It is a social, environmental and economic problem in many countries. Water scarcity can be the result of both human and natural causes. Changes in climate and weather patterns can cause the availability of water to drop.

Water Scarcity Essay

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Water Scarcity Essay in English. Our planet earth comprises of 71% of water, and a major amount of water is salty. Very small amount of water can be used for human consumption, and due to over expansion of population, commercialisation and industrialisation, even this fresh water supply has become limited. Water scarcity is becoming an alarming issue day by day. Water is very essential for.

Water Scarcity Essay

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INTRODUCTION Around 1.2 billion people (almost one-fifth of the world's population) currently live in areas of physical water scarcity, and 500 million peop.

Water Scarcity Essay

Solutions to water scarcity: how to prevent water shortages?

Water scarcity or water crisis or water shortage is the deficiency of adequate water resources that can meet the water demands for a particular region. Whenever there is a lack of access to potable and fresh water for drinking and sanitation, the situation means that the water is scarce. Water scarcity thus pertains to a situation where there is water shortage, water crisis, and the lack of.

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