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Joe Orton's LOOT by Joe Orton. Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0 Topics Joe Orton, plays, comedy, BBC-3, radio. A black farce masterpiece, Loot follows the fortunes of two young thieves, Hal and Dennis. Dennis is a hearse driver for an undertaker. They have robbed the bank next door to the funeral parlour and have returned to Hal's home to hide-out with the loot. Hal's mother has just died and the.

Joe Orton Loot Essay Contest

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Framed is a touching portrait of Joe's father, William Orton, written by Joe's sister, Leonie Orton Barnett. The Joe Orton and Me section contains personal views and experiences from those who worked with and knew Joe, or whose lives have been touched by him in some way.

Joe Orton Loot Essay Contest

Loot - Joe Orton A Level. Completed analysis of the entire.

Joe Orton was a working-class, gay playwright whose outrageous black comedies scandalised theatre audiences in the 1960s. Emma Parker examines Orton’s satire on social and sexual convention by showing how the opening of Loot establishes the play’s central themes and dramatic techniques.


Punch cartoon by William Hewison of the 1966 production of Loot. Part of the collection of Greg Duggan, whose father Gerry Duggan played McLeavy, alongside Sheila Ballantine as Fay, Kenneth Cranham as Hal, Simon Ward as Dennis, Michael Bates as Truscott and David Redmond as Meadows in the 1966 London Traverse Theatre Company production of Loot. Read Gerry's experiences playing McLeavy in Loot.

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Joe Orton (1998). “The Visitors: Fred and Madge: Two Plays”, p.13, Grove Press.

BBC Radio 4 Extra - Joe Orton - Loot.

Orton's next performed work was Loot. The first draft was written from June to October 1964 and was called Funeral Games, a title Orton dropped at Halliwell's suggestion but later reused. The play is a wild parody of detective fiction, adding the blackest farce and jabs at established ideas on death, the police, religion, and justice.

Joe Orton and Shakespeare: collage, class and queerness.

Loot by Joe Orton “The Ortonesque refers to that which is macabre, outrageous and absurd”. This is the main topic that will be object of discussion in this essay in relation to Joe Orton's. Loot. Ortonesque is the way the writing style of Joe Orton was named after the success of this play. This technique is based on talking about topics or describing actions in a very disrespectful way.


Free college application essays, college essay examples, sample college application essays and essay writing tips for students. High school essays, college essays and university essays on any topics. Loot by Joe OrtonThe Central Concerns of the Play and How they are Dramatised Posted by Zayit at 3:29 PM. If you order your cheap custom essays.

Analysis and discussion of characters in Joe Orton's Loot. Loot is a play and has a short cast of characters. They include: Hal, a young man and thief. Dennis, another young man who works at a.


Loot by Joe Orton “The Ortonesque refers to that which is macabre, outrageous and absurd”. This is the main topic that will be object of discussion in this essay in relation to Joe Orton's.

Joe Orton Loot Essay Contest

Op-Ed: Joe Orton — Paedophile playwright.

Directed by Silvio Narizzano. With Lee Remick, Richard Attenborough, Hywel Bennett, Milo O'Shea. Based on the play by Joe Orton, this film follows the adventures of two pals who have pulled off a bank robbery and have to hide the loot. Fortunately one of them works in a funeral parlor and they have a coffin to spare. Then there's the gold-digger nurse and the gonad-grabber detective and a host.

Joe Orton Loot Essay Contest

Looting the Archives: Joe Orton - University of Leicester.

Loot was Orton's third major production, following Entertaining Mr Sloane and the television play The Good and Faithful Servant. Playing with the conventions of popular farce, Orton creates a hectic world and examines English attitudes and perceptions in the mid twentieth century. The play won several awards in its London run and has had many revivals. Plot outline. Loot follows the fortunes.

Joe Orton Loot Essay Contest

Does Joe Orton’s Loot still shock 50 years on? - Mature Times.

This essay considers Joe Orton's relationship to Shakespeare through the library book covers that he redesigned with his partner Kenneth Halliwell and through his plays. It proposes that Orton and Halliwell's neglected Shakespeare dust jackets are as subversive as the better-known covers of the popular and middlebrow library books they reworked. Their collages ironise or queer Shakespeare's.

Joe Orton Loot Essay Contest

The subversive genius of Joe Orton - BBC News.

Joe Orton, byname of John Kingsley Orton, (born Jan. 1, 1933, Leicester, Leicestershire, Eng.--died Aug. 9, 1967, London), British playwright noted for his outrageous and macabre farces. Orton was originally an unsuccessful actor. He turned to writing in the late 1950s under the encouragement of his lifelong companion, K.L. Halliwell.

Joe Orton Loot Essay Contest

Joe Orton Loot dialogue to be heard for first time on UK stage.

Joe Orton was considered in the 1960's to be significant, new playwright. Audiences and critics surprised to find scatological humour in the sacrosanct environment of live theatre mistook novelty for innovation. Orton's plays were incredibly vulgar but very funny in places. Once the initial shock was over everyone realized how brainless the plays. Orton's talent was simply that of a stand-up.

Joe Orton Loot Essay Contest

Why Joe Orton still matters: Loot, Park Theatre, review.

When Joe Orton's Loot was written and ready to be put before London audiences in 1965 it had first to be submitted to the Lord Chamberlain, who, until 1968, had to license every play to be.

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