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Difference Between Athenian And Spartan Education Essay

Differences And Similarities Between The Athens And.

In the first part, an introduction of Athens and Sparta has been given. In the second part, both the forms of governments in Spartan and Athenian lands have been discussed. In the final part, a summary of the differences and similarities between the political systems of the two poleis have been included.

Difference Between Athenian And Spartan Education Essay

The Differences Between Athens And Sparta History Essay.

The Spartans were the ones that wanted a strong army, a civilization with no freedom and less education for men so they could fight in the army. The Athenians had a strong army but freedom was very important and the education to the people was a priority.

Difference Between Athenian And Spartan Education Essay

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Also this education was mostly for men in both of the cities. Some differences they had on the things I just said were notably marked and they were constantly seen. On their government for example, “the Spartan form was called oligarchy, but it had elements of monarchy, democracy, and aristocracy”(Unknown Author, “Athens vs Sparta”).


Athens may not have had as good of an army as Sparta but in the end cultural and society advancements are more important than having the best army in the world. All these reasons and more just shows how much better Athens is than Sparta. Two of the most powerful cities’ in the ancient times, Sparta and Athens were alike and different.

Differences between Athens and Sparta Essay - 432 Words.

The Athenians invented democracy. Sparta was a warrior society in ancient Greece. Spartan culture was centered on loyalty to the state and military service. As this essay continues, you will see the similarities and differences between these.

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The main difference between Spartan and Athenian women was that Spartan women underwent physical training and formal education because they were expected to defend their husbands’ properties during war or slave revolt. The Spartan women enjoyed more rights than the Athenian women because they were allowed to own property.

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Athens and sparta similarities and differences. Athens and Sparta. Similarities and Differences. By Mike Mizov. One of the greatest city states of all time was the city state of Athens from. which we take many of our modern ways. Their government was a full. democracy in which they had an assembly was all male citizens over 25 years.


The Differences Between Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta, two of the most influential powers in ancient Europe, were quite different in many ways. Some of the main differences between Athens and Sparta were their governments, their education systems, their people’s rights, and the way their people were treated as a whole.

There are many differences and similarities between Spartan and Athenian society. Neither was typical of Greek polis, both were large in comparison to other Greek city-states. Sparta restricted citizenship and developed a territorial state. Athens developed a democratic constitution. Both were sim.


One another huge difference between Spartan and Athenian women was that Athenian women supposed to hold the fidelity while Spartan women were not as it was rumored that there was a high rate of homosexuality in Sparta society. For some cases, women of Sparta even could have another husband if their husbands went off to the war for long time.

Difference Between Athenian And Spartan Education Essay

The Differences Between Athens and Sparta - Essay - 760.

Sparta women education is consisting of her having a permitted to exercise outdoors and unclothes like the Sparta men do (The Women of Sparta: Athletic, Educated, and Outspoken Radicals of the Greek World). As far as education goes for Athens women, they are taught by their mother or a private tutor.

Difference Between Athenian And Spartan Education Essay

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The Athenian and Roman governments both had similarities in their form of government, but the differences that they had made them unique because of the parties and rules they lived by. To start off, the Athenian Government was a democracy and the Roman Government was a republic.

Difference Between Athenian And Spartan Education Essay

Comparison Between Women In Athens And Sparta History Essay.

Athens emphasised education and fostered thought, philosophy, and the arts. Contrastingly, Sparta emphasized military and placed high value on training and war. Other contrasting points were in governing style, climate, and overall lifestyle. One radical difference between the two city-states was in their treatment of women.

Difference Between Athenian And Spartan Education Essay

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Athens and its allies, known as the Delia League, came into conflict with the Spartan and the Peloponnesus league, and in 431 B. C., a war broke out between the two cities-a war based on trade routes, rivalries, and tributes paid by smaller dependent states” (vow. differ.

Difference Between Athenian And Spartan Education Essay

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Naturally, when using this ideal to study the history of the Ancient Greeks, focus falls upon its two major city-states, Athens and Sparta. As in almost every aspect of comparison, the difference between the education of the warlike Spartans compared to the education of the philosophical Athenians is like comparing black to white.

Difference Between Athenian And Spartan Education Essay

Differences Between Sparta And Athenian Women - 868 Words.

Differences And Compressions Of Athens Vs. Sparta. asked that Use your impressions of Athens and Sparta to discuss and compare daily life in the two city-states. Story suggested that the cities of Athens and Sparta were bitter rivals in ancient of a Greece story development.

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