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Essays Tattoos In Workplace

The Audacity Of Tattoos In The Workplace Communications Essay.

Tattoos are a big issue concerning how people judge appearance. While they can be offensive to coworkers and customers, tattoos should not be judged in the workplace because they are a way of expressing yourself, or your culture. “The tattooing craze spread to upper classes all over Europe in the nineteenth century.

Essays Tattoos In Workplace

Stigma of Tattoos in the Workplace - UK Essays.

Tattoos in the Workplace Essay Essay on Tattoos in the Workplace. Tattoos have been around for quite some time now, and they have always been a symbol. Importance Of Tattoos In The Workplace. From symbolic to decorative, tattoos have infiltrated the culture and have. Effects Of Tattoos In The.

Essays Tattoos In Workplace

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However, the issues with tattoos are not a problem on campus but rather in the workplace, where employers feel the need to protect their companies’ image and reputation by firing or avoiding hiring those who have visible tattoos.

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By describing and analysing its most important aspects, this report intends to discuss and evaluate the results that originated through research into the stigma of tattoos in the workplace on people today.

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So, it is clear that some employers have negative opinions on body art, but what is the legal standpoint on tattoos in the workplace? Apart from religious markings, body art is not considered a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, therefore employers are free to base their hiring decisions on this aspect alone.


Tattoos may or may not be appropriated in the workplace, because depending on what or where the tattoo located, there may or may not be an issue for the employers. It depends also on the employers industry and the type of job. Employees should be aware of the issues and the policy that prohibit tattoos.

Tattoos in the workplace Why do we look down upon people or even professional workers such as doctors, Dentist hygienist, or even nurses due to them having tattoos in a visible place? Just because a person has a tattoo doesn’t make them any less intelligent or even less classy. All a tattoo.


There is a debate as to rather if having tattoos in the workplace is acceptable, or unprofessional.

Essays Tattoos In Workplace

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In the article, “Tattoos in the Workplace” by Tess Vigeland on October 19, 2012 explains that 40 percent of eighteen and nineteen year olds have at least one tattoo. 1.

Essays Tattoos In Workplace

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Tattoos, a visible body adornment of self-expression. Egyptians were the first to use Tattooing in 2000 BCE, to decorate noble women and their entourage (Pitts-Taylor, 2008). Throughout history, society’s views on this beautiful art form have gone many different ways.

Essays Tattoos In Workplace

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Tattoos are considered as taboo in some areas of workplace but latter is considered as a plus point for an aspirant. Main concept behind adopting tattoos in creative industry is that, creativity is must for being part of this industry. The industry is that, which has a space for internal logistics.

Essays Tattoos In Workplace

Pros and Cons of Tattoos (and Piercing) in the Workplace.

Tattoos in the Workplace Visible tattoos in the workplace are often thought of as a workplace taboo. But should SMEs abide by this stereotype, or will it lead to them missing out on talent? Visible tattoos in the workplace are often thought of as a workplace taboo.

Essays Tattoos In Workplace

Tattoos in the workplace. Yes or no? A legal perspective.

Tattoos and Work Etiquette Workplace etiquette can be defined as; a code that governs the expectations of social behavior in a workplace, in a group or a society.

Essays Tattoos In Workplace

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So negative assumptions about what tattoos say about the people who have them are very often misplaced. Issues raised by tattoos can get more complicated when it comes to gender and religion. And employers should be aware of these issues before writing and enforcing policies that prohibit visible tattoos at work.

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