The best (and worst) places for hunting deer in Michigan.

Deer Population and Management - Deer Friendly.

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Deer Population In Michigan Essay

Red deer Deer Species and Populations in the UK.

Deer range improvement was also accelerated by an increase in the timber market in northern Michigan and increased agriculture in deer territory. A series of mild winters in the 1980s and artificial feeding of deer by the public further propelled the herd to a new peak of 2 million deer in 1989. Signs of distress in the herd appeared again. The percentage of spikes among yearling bucks in the.

Deer Population In Michigan Essay

The problem of exploding deer populations has no.

Much of the growth in the national deer population has occurred near urban areas. Deer have adapted well to encroaching suburbia, for two reasons: 1. Growth of suburbs. Paradoxically, land development tends to improve deer food supplies. Because the reproduction and survival of deer depend directly upon the quality of the food available to them, the improved food has led to more deer. Deer.

Deer Population In Michigan Essay

Summary of Michigan Deer Hunting History.

As Michigan was settled in earnest during the early and mid 19th century the landscape and deer population changed dramatically. Farmers in fertile southern Michigan began clearing land eliminating food and cover for the white-tail. Unregulated shooting also thinned the deer population. Logging in northern Michigan provided for increased population as food and cover were more available to the.


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources estimates the deer population at 1.75 million this fall, an increase of 14 percent over the past two years, thanks to relatively mild winters. Last.

Michigan ranks No. 2 in 2016 deer harvest, and other deer.

That’s 46,000 hunters, 2,800 deer, and 6.1 percent hunter success. Last year, the DNR reported, Michigan fielded about 320,000 archers, who shot 110,000 deer, for a success rate of about 34.

Editorial: Michigan should consider raising the hunters.

Deer hunter Brian Melonio of Highland Twp. shoots at a target 100 yards away as Michigan DNR Range Officer Josiah Clemence, left, looks at the target through a spotting scope Thursday at the.

Compared to 50 years ago, present Michigan deer harvest.

We love deer for their wildness and their beauty. Yet deer are one of America’s most controversial wild animals. Success in boosting once-threatened deer populations has a flip side: people now complain about “too many deer.” We’ve got the facts on humanely managing deer populations through immunocontraception, as well as practical tips to keep deer out of your garden.


There were 49,205 vehicle crashes with deer in 2013, resulting in 12 deaths and 1,200 injuries, according to the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition. That's a slight increase from the previous year's.

In order to manage white-tailed deer populations wildlife biologists need to know the deer population in a given area. Biologists need to know if populations are increasing, decreasing, or are stable. One way to determine deer populations is to perform a census. A census is an exact count of every animal in a given area at one time. An example of a census would be the aerial forward looking.


The Bovine TB eradication effort has had a significant effect on the northern Michigan deer population, the livestock industry, and Michigan’s economy since discovery of the disease in Michigan in 1975. In efforts to lower TB infection rates in deer, baiting and feeding of deer were banned in the TB management area (a portion of the NE Lower Peninsula) in 1998. Sufficient antlerless licenses.

Deer Population In Michigan Essay

In the Field: How DNR Estimates Deer Harvest - Michigan.

The largest deer population lives in Michigan’s southern lower peninsula, even though it’s Michigan’s most people populated region. The region’s abundant farmland provides food for the deer, helping them survive the winter. 6. In the Upper Peninsula, the deer population is well below normal due to several harsh winters in recent years. However, thanks to a mild winter in 2016, the DNR.

Deer Population In Michigan Essay

Baiting ban debate rages as deer firearm season nears.

White-tailed deer, the smallest members of the North American deer family, are found from southern Canada to South America. In the heat of summer they typically inhabit fields and meadows using.

Deer Population In Michigan Essay

Two more Michigan deer test positive for Chronic wasting.

He said the deer population has come down in recent years, but is still too high in some areas. While a total count is difficult to make, there are as many as 100 deer per square mile in parts of.

Deer Population In Michigan Essay

Deer overpopulation is a serious problem - Sports.

While Michigan had as many as 1.2 million hunters in the 1970s, ’80s and into the ’90s, less than 675,000 people in 2018 purchased at least one hunting license in the state, reported.

Deer Population In Michigan Essay

How to control deer overrrunning Detroit suburbs?

The more deer that live in a given place, the more hosts exist for the deer ticks and the greater the chances are that a human will be bitten and contract the disease. Higher numbers of deer also result in a higher likelihood of collisions between deer and vehicles. According to Cornell University, an estimated 29,000 drivers hit deer each year in the United States, resulting in at least 211.

Deer Population In Michigan Essay

Lesson 5: Estimating Deer Populations and Habitat Impact.

Deer Overpopulation Control. Deer population control has been very slow to be instituted in the U.S. This is primarily due to political reluctance to deal with the problem. The Bambi story has retarded deer population control policies by making deer control programs a political minefield. Sport Hunting and Deer Overpopulation. Hunters maintain that sport hunting is necessary to maintain the.

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