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In a joint family, there is a lot of love and affection for each and every member of the family, while in nuclear family love and affection is not as much which is in a joint family because everyone is busy in their own lives and no one has time for each other. On the other hand joint family has some harmful effects also like In joint family their weaker person will always be weaker because He.

Joint Family Short Essay Example

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The above essay draw a conclusion that it is very positive thing to live in a joint family as it teaches values to us. But at the same time due to time constraints and technology-driven lifestyle we cannot suppose to cope up our life in joint families. This is how the family history has been narrated and it gives us a lesson that we should do something to save the ancient culture of staying.

Joint Family Short Essay Example

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This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. You can view samples. For example, in a peasant joint family all the members work actively according to their ability. The old persons and children of the family watch the crops in the field. During the harvest season, the women in some families help in harvesting. This there is no need of procuring labour from.


A joint family consists of a husband and wife; their sons; their daughters, and so on up-to generations. Any number of these people may without impacting the legal existence of the family, be decreased. The family is headed by a senior person called a 'Karta', is usually a male or a female, who makes decisions on economic and social matters on behalf of the entire family. The patriarch's wife.

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For all such persons the joint family acts as an insurance company. 3) Division of labour: In a joint family each member is given work according to his or her capacity. The men, women and children all have to work. For example, in a peasant joint family all the members work actively according to their ability. The old persons and children of.

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Essay on The Joint Family System in India: The joint family system is one of the most important features of the Hindu system of society. In olden times each family was a unit of the tribe. The joint family is a family in which the father and the sons live jointly along with their wives and children. The head of the family was all-powerful in the house.

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A Hindu Joint Family setup is an extended family arrangement prevalent which has an enormous legal significance in India. Simply, a Hindu Joint Family would at best be described as, the lineal descendants and their dependants where, the former trace their origin to one common ancestor. The underlying essence of a joint family is the fact that it traces its origin back to one common ancestor.

A family essay belongs to personal essays, which are assigned by teachers to check the ability of students to express their emotions and share their personal life experiences. Every man considers his family a sacred thing. Writing this kind of essay, school children should look for the right words to interpret their own understanding of family values. The aim is to express their opinion on the.


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Joint Family Short Essay Example

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Short essay on joint family for dartmouth resume builder. Put yourself at work, were struggling to close two city centre today. Studies of peer reviews. First, make sure the experience and subsequent revisions and discuss every category you include the two ideas that she had a computer to write fiction: Andrew miller on creating characters line first, a note of any materials, all steps, the.

Joint Family Short Essay Example

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Short biased answer: Indeed, a joint family is better. Why? well, just because I’m kind forced to live with a small family, and see what I don’t have as always better than what I do. Longer and wiser answer: A joint family is good for the followin.

Joint Family Short Essay Example

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Essay on Is Joint Family Disintegrating in India! Different sociologists hold different views regarding disintegration of joint family system in India. One group of sociologists concludes that joint family and extended kinship ties in India have not been destroyed by various dimensions of modernisation. The prominent among them are I.P. Desai K.M. Kapadia, B.P. Agrawala, Miton Singer. Image.

Joint Family Short Essay Example

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A family when lives together with all family members up to 2nd generation like grand parents, parents, uncle, aunts and their children is called a joint family.The importance of joint family is understood by the Indians since time immemorial. But while young people are going advanced with their lifestyles, they are shy away from living jointly with their parents and grandparents.

Joint Family Short Essay Example

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Joint Family Short Essay Example

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