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Whole life cycle costing dissertation help.

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Whole Life Cycle Costing Dissertation Examples

Whole Life Cycle Costing Application Barriers Construction.

Whole-life costing is a process of providing information about the likely life of a project to enable decisions to be made about value for money in the planning stages. Information about whole-life costs will be prepared by different people at different stages of the project. In the early stages they may be produced in-house or by independent client advisers. The cost consultant may contribute.

Whole Life Cycle Costing Dissertation Examples

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Whole life costing techniques look at the big picture of expenditure and longevity of the building. They can be used to evaluate options at all stages and are influential in external and internal design. For example, during the design process, it may be appropriate to compare window-cleaning access options or alternative heating solutions. See worked examples. At the initial design stage, a.

Whole Life Cycle Costing Dissertation Examples

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The use of life cycle costing also causes a high degree of confusion. Our American colleagues use life cycle costing to mean whole life costing, but there are many different interpretations in the UK. In at least one case, life cycle costing is shown as the simple addition of the costs incurred in each year with no discounting. Even the OGC uses whole life costing and life cycle costing.


Whole life costing takes into account the total cost of a product or service over its lifetime, from concept through to disposal including purchase, hire or lease, maintenance, operation, utilities, training and disposal. It is important for procurement to take all these elements into consideration when making decisions and comparing the costs of buying, renting or leasing equipment.

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Most people will confused about the term of life-cycle costing, whole life costing, and whole life-cycle costing. As stated in Boussabaine and Kirkham study (2004, p. 4), prior to the 1970s, investment decisions made by most clients, developers and professionals was solely on the basis of capital cost. It appear a thought that spending more in capital cost will realize substantial cost savings.

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This guidance note summarises what is meant by a lifecycle costing and whole life costing service for both new construction works and for the refurbishment of existing assets. This guidance is effective from 1 July 2016. Covered in this guidance note: standards and definitions; essentials of lifecycle costing; worked examples.

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Whole life costing. Whole life costing takes account of the cost of a product or service over its life, from determining the need for it through to its eventual disposal and replacement. For equipment, for example, it includes the costs of maintaining and operating the product as well as its outright purchase, hire or lease price; the cost of consumables, utilities, training; and the cost of.


Life cycle costing analysis (LCCA or LCC for short) is the most accurate way to increase your building’s project savings by comparing different design alternatives. As opposed to more commonly used ROI-based calculations, LCC is conducted based on long-term costs and savings, keeping in mind the fact that they are interconnected.

Life cycle costing is a technique in which the cost structure never remains the same and cost determines as per the product life cycle stages (Garret, 2015). Thus according to Ken Garret the costing structure which is influenced through various management activities undertake at product life cycle process is called life cycle costing. Now gere the differences could be realized at very large.


Whole life costing is an investment appraisal and management tool which assesses the total cost of an asset over its whole life. It takes account of the initial capital cost, as well as operational, maintenance, repair, upgrade and eventual disposal costs. Whole life costing can also factor in related income streams, where appropriate. Guidance from both HM Treasury and the Department for.

Whole Life Cycle Costing Dissertation Examples

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A GUIDE TO WHOLE LIFE COSTING (WLC) 1 Introduction 1.1 For many years the image of construction within the public sector was one of driving down initial capital cost, whilst longer-term maintenance or energy costs were worthy of just a passing glance at most. 1.2 This has all changed with the advent of the national Constructing Excellence initiative, the increasing momentum of Asset Management.

Whole Life Cycle Costing Dissertation Examples

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Whole life costing and performance (WLC) Whole life costing (WLC) is a powerful tool for calculating the lowest cost options for the entire commercial life of a building. It encourages the use of best value building designs and reduces the costs and disruption of unplanned repairs and maintenance. Best value design and specification. Knowledge of a building’s costs over its full life span is.

Whole Life Cycle Costing Dissertation Examples

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The hypothesis of this research dissertation is that with more and more pressures and new legislation applied to sustainable construction this may be forcing contract costs to rise. With the client in mind, rising capital costs may hinder their objectives. It will be considered that there may be methods of lowering cost while still achieving an element of sustainable construction. The main aim.

Whole Life Cycle Costing Dissertation Examples

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This information is only available to paying isurv subscribers. Sourcing reliable data in a readily usable form relevant to LCC studies for a variety of purposes and at different levels of detail is commonly regarded as an area of weakness in supporting life cycle costing calculations.

Whole Life Cycle Costing Dissertation Examples

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Agreement on these definitions and a consistent approach should enable life cycle costing and whole life costing to become more widespread. The diagram below illustrates the difference between WLC and LCC (adapted from BS ISO 15686-5). What is Life Cycle Analysis? LCA is an assessment of the environmental impact of a product or service throughout its life-cycle, from cradle-to-grave. The.

Whole Life Cycle Costing Dissertation Examples

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Life-cycle costing is a costing tool used to determine the one-time and recurring costs associated with a major purchase over the lifetime of the good or product. One-time cost is pretty simple.

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